Selected Writing

Features, Investigative Work & Other Reporting: 

Restrictions Hurt Poor Women the Most   New York Magazine

Pro-choice Groups Are Giving Up in the Red States   Fusion

Roe v. Wade Was Lost in 1992   Slate

The Most Difficult Business You Could Ever Run   Businessweek

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Save the Mother, Save the Baby  Cosmopolitan

I Felt Set Up   Cosmopolitan

26 Women Share Their Abortion Stories   New York Magazine

Why Aren’t They Illegal?   Slate

Ever Temporary Workers   Guernica

A Bill of Rights for Domestic Workers   Slate


The Stealth Attack on Abortion Access   The New York Times

Columns for New York‘s the Cut:

Women Talk About Their Second Acts 

Ten People Talk About Sex While Sober

Women Talk About Their Female Bosses 

Couples Talk About Love, Money and Class 

Are We Broken?

Sixteen Women on How They’re Dealing With Debt

Fifteen Women (and a few men) on Aborting

Weight Gain is Grounds for Divorce?

Essays & Fiction:

Orthodox Chic   The Believer

Shame Story   The Kenyon Review

Dolce & Gabbana   Tin House

Modernity Enthusiasts   Guernica

Extinction is the Rule   Guernica


Ferocious Love, with Yamani Hernandez   New York Magazine

Beyond Roe, with Mary Ziegler  Slate

Transformative Change, with Dean Spade  Guernica